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Jan. 2, 2022

New Year, NEW Three & Out (Same as the Old Three & Out)

New Year, NEW Three & Out (Same as the Old Three & Out)

Three & Out has already been crushing its New Year's resolutions for 2022! 

Ty Schalter, Samantha Bunten and I (Michael Schottey) started this little podcast in November of 2020 with a big dream—to create the kind of National NFL podcast we would want to listen to. We think we've done just that, by bringing consistent, smart and engaging content from three long-time sports media pros and an array of some of the biggest name guests from around the NFL world. 

That said, we're still a small, independent podcast which is done on the side of some really cool sports media day jobs. Still, for 2022 (and beyond) the mission is simple: Continue to do what we do oh so well while growing the podcast and attracting more listeners than ever before. 

Just about every podcast hopes they blow up and get millions of listeners right away and the vast majority never get there. We are definitely in that same boat, and I just remarked to Ty last night that countless other podcasts would've given up after a handful of episodes before seeing some of the gains we've seen recently. 

A Great End to 2021

December 2021 closed as our biggest downloads month yet and was 47 percent bigger than our second best month (Sept. '21)!

Did we have big guests on December? Absolutely! We closed out the year with Ben Allbright from KOA-Denver who is one of the top Denver Broncos insiders and always brings a bunch of Broncos faithful to listen to our pod. Newy Scruggs of NBC5 in Dallas-Fort Worth and Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post both joined our show to talk about the successes of the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. Sheil Kapadia of The Athletic and Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus are two of the very best at what they do, provided fantastic insight and helped contribute to our best month yet. 

Guests weren't the only driver of the December traffic, though, we also started providing a third show a week worth of content in November thanks to our partnership with Halftime. Our weekly live show (Monday nights at 9PM during Monday Night Football) is some of the most fun Ty, Samantha and I have throughout the entire week. Our listeners think so too, as those shows end up being listened to just as much as any other show when we upload them to our Podcast feed. 

In fact, we recently found out that we are in the top 5 percent of all podcasts. 

Yeah, pretty cool. 

With 2021 ending so positively for the Three & Out, many podcasters would sit back and let the growth continue, patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Instead we're committed to taking Three & Out to the next level in the coming year and making this podcast one of the biggest and the best National NFL podcasts anywhere. 

So, what are the plans for 2022?

Continue Doing What We're Doing—We're biased, but we think this little podcast is pretty good! So, we're not stopping any time soon. We're always trying to improve and get better, but the general gist of Three & Out isn't going anywhere...even during the offseason! In fact, we plan on doing even more during the offseason than ever before!

Continue to Grab the Biggest and the Best Guests—We've had so many fantastic guests from Hall of Famers to All Pros, sports media super stars, the smartest and the most analytical minds and more! What that's turned into is a lot of people reaching out and wanting to be on our show! We already have a slate of current and former players, upcoming NFL Draft picks and more who are set for the next few months! We can't wait to share these new guests with you. 

This Website/Blog—If you're reading this, you're already seeing one of the biggest new changes! is our new one-stop shop for listening to the pod, downloading us on your favorite podcatcher, learning more about the hosts, our guests and more. Much like our podcast, this site is only going to grow over the coming year(s). 

New Content— Three & Out closed our 2021 by experimenting with some live content. As I said above, we are having an absolute blast! We're going to continue experimenting with new content (like blogs posts!) in the new year. If we continue to have a blast creating that new content, expect more and more of it. 

Enhanced Social Media Presence—We've had a Twitter and Facebook since the first days of the podcast. If we're being honest, we weren't really using them. Thanks to some new functionality from this site as well as our various podcatcher partners, we are going to be posting more regularly. We'll also be adding Instagram content (@ThreeOutPod) and more. We're hoping that you get just as much from our social media as you do from our show. Give us a follow!

New Sponsors and Partners (That Make Sense)— When Three & Out started, we had a couple of sponsors right off the bat thanks to the network we were on. After taking things independent, we quickly grabbed Pickwatch as a title sponsor of our picks segment every  week. Headed into the new year, we're already having discussion with new partners for the show and will be reaching out to new sponsors as long as they make sense. We're never going to spam our listeners with countless ad reads just to make a few pennies. 

Meet the New Pod, Same as the Old Pod

In short, Three & Out isn't going anywhere. We're 117 shows in and have no intention of stopping or even slowing down any time soon.

If you've read this far, we're pretty sure you already love us (and we love you back!). Take a few minutes to help us spread that love. Subscribe to our show wherever you get your podcasts. Leave a five-star rating and a written review—we can even feature those on this site now. Follow us on our social media accounts and invite your friends to do so as well. 

We want to thank the thousands of people who have helped make this podcast such a great time over the past year plus. We're not going anywhere, and we hope you stick around too!