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Great perspective

The genuine enthusiasm for the game is amazing, and I find myself becoming more of a fan of the sport itself rather than a particular team each episode. Love the energy and want to hear more!

How to survive the off-season

Gotta love this pod. Somehow Ty, Samantha and Schottey - and their great guests - always keep bringing new and better stuff. Can't wait to listen during the actual season! I give them all the stars.

Great show

Great hosts, great guests

Fantastic Show

Great hosts who know the game and even better guests!


This podcast is fantastic, and has awesome hosts AND guests. Great for real fact based takes from some really experienced hosts. Highly recommend!

Great Podcast

Great information on news in the NFL. Cast is excellent on how they present. Check it out!!!!

Great Podcast

Lots of great information and differing viewpoints from talented, experienced, and knowledgeable people

Fresh Takes

This podcast is a good one to get in on the ground floor. If you’re a fantasy player or just want to be involved with a genuine, non-network take on the NFL, this is the show for you.

Great NFL podcast

Excellent NFL analysis and engaging discussion. Well hosted.

A football fan’s BFF

If you love football, you’ll love this podcast. Great convo and takes.

Good stuff

This is a group I would like to get beers with post Covid. Knowledgeable about the NFL and sounds like they have fun doing this. Need more of this in 2020

Outstanding Pod!

Entertaining pod with a nice natural flow and excellent analysis of the league.

Great show!

Great show! Love the host chemsitry. Top notch insight into the game we all love.

Quick recaps

Love the Monday recap of Sunday’s games. Quick hits and recaps of what happened and little nuggets you might have missed too.

Wow! Love the conversations and analysis!

The hosts of The Brawl-22 provide great insights and their game breakdowns and analysis are spot on.

Love it

Great show with knowledgeable hosts!

Insanely great football coverage

Killer guests, insanely great football debates, and insight to plays our naked eye may miss during live games? Yeah, sign me up! Fantastic podcast.

Funny and experty

Just want you want in a pod

NFL Analysis and Entertainment at Its Finest

Excellent new NFL show. Great format and content from three of football media’s best.

Great National NFL Podcast

Ty Schalter and Samantha Bunten are two of the smartest voices in the room when it comes to the NFL.